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Posted 8 years ago By Harry Klein



Last week students were introduced to quadrilaterals. This skill was a little more difficult than I expected it to be, so we spent 3 days on the topic. This was a great move for us because now the students feel more confident about the different types of quadrilaterals. We finished up with a quadrilateral quote - this is now posted on each student's locker. Come by and take a look!


This week we will focus on 3D shapes. We will first start with introducing what they are and what real world objects might look like (ex. a can of soup is like a cylinder). Then, we will move on to the different attributes of each 3D shape. We will end our week talking about different ways to sort the 3D shapes (ex. shapes that can roll or shapes that have vertices).


Keep in mind, students will continue to have daily math homework to reinforce skills learned in class as well as Daily 6 Review on Thursday nights. Also, please please please continue to work multiplication facts at home. We will continue to have quizzes Wednesday's and Friday's.

Language Arts

We are continuing to use our reading/social studies block together. Students have been working incredibly hard on their biography projects! As I conferenced with each child, everyone seems to be on track to finish before our Live Wax Museum.


This week will be dedicated to revising/editing each "chapter" as well as entering it into our online book. Last week students decided on which platform to use - Bookemon/Book Press, Book Creator, or Story Jumper. Tuesday I will go through each platform and show a little how-to on how to create a book. Students have already been introduced on how to find pictures on appropriate sites and will also be finding at least 5 to use in their book. Students will also be finishing up their final timeline piece as well as their second Google tag on Tellagami and Aurasma.


Below you can see Georgia researching information on her person Anne Frank.

Big image


We will continue our pattern this week. Our pattern will be "dropping the final e when endings are added" (ex. have to having, save to saved).



This week students will be in rotations. Each day is a different rotation. Students will be playing a game, practicing their new rule with last week's rule, and cursive. They will be tested on this pattern on Friday. As always, students can take home their word work journal to practice at home - they can also go to Spelling City (search Emelyne Atkinson) and they can take the list with their pattern and play games with it and even take a practice test.


Please remind your child that these words are not just to be memorized for the test on Friday's then forgotten. They need to be transferred and used in every subject, and most importantly WRITING!

Science/Social Studies

We will be using our social studies block together with our reading block as we work on our biography projects. Students will be doing the majority of the project at school. The only thing we ask you do at home is the costume and memorizing the speech.


Last week I spent some time each day showing students different websites and app's that I have learned about at TCEA. I'm sure you might have seen some because I kept hearing the students say, "I need this on my iPad!" or "I really need to make a list of all these great things!"


I thought I might share some with you:


  • ColAR Mix - A great introductory app into the world of Augmented Reality (basically a big fancy word for bringing things to life!) You will need to download and print the pictures before using the app. Students did this last week with Starbucks coffee cups.
  • Duolingo - An app helped to teach you a different language! It incorporates writing, speaking, and reading to help you learn a second language. Choices include: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Porteguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and Swedish. I have used this to help me freshen up on my Dutch and it's a wonderful app!


You will be seeing lots of technology coming your way, especially with Open House right around the corner. Don't be surprised if you get an e-mail with a link from your child!

Genius Hour

We had a great first wave of presentations. Caroline, Amelia, and Sona did a great job sharing with us their true passions. They were able to answer other student's thick questions - not just a yes or no answer. Next week, students will be given time to work on their projects and I have a few more ready to present.


*If you student is ready to start creating, make sure they bring their materials to class Friday so they are not wasting an hour. Many are choosing to do digital components, which is great, but some are needing poster board and other things. Make sure you discuss this with your child before this coming Friday.

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